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Annual Appeal

The annual appeal is conducted beginning in September with North Texas Giving Day and serves to support the operating budget of the school.  Annual giving is a crucial aspect of Holy Trinity's overall development plan which allows the school to keep tuition increases at a minimum while still providing for needed improvements in programs and services to the students. Donors to the Annual Fund may give a one time donation or make monthly installments throughout the school year. Certain companies for whom donors work may offer matching donations based on the employee's (donor's) gift. We appreciate and need the generosity of our donors to reach our Annual Fund goals.

North Texas Giving Day

Holy Trinity Catholic School kicks off our Annual Appeal on North Texas Giving Day.  Giving to Holy Trinity on this one day amplifies your gift through bonuses we are eligible to receive from Communities Foundation of Texas for gifts over $25.  By donating on this one day, we can maximize our goal potential for the yearly Annual Fund.  

Crusader Club

This wonderful group of donors is comprised of individuals that have made a monthly commitment to contribute to Holy Trinity’s Annual Fund and those that have their donations matched by their employer.  For more information on these programs please click the links below.

Monthly Donors

If you are interested in donating monthly to Holy Trinity the best way to set this process up is to schedule an e-check through your bank so the transaction will automatically happen every month and you will have a record of the donation for tax purposes.

Employee Match

Employee matching gifts (also known as matching funds) are grants an employer makes to match its employees’ charitable contributions. Usually associated with corporate grantmakers, employee matching gifts often are dollar-for-dollar, but some companies will give double or even triple the original donation. Some companies may also give matching gifts for employees’ volunteer efforts. Procedures vary with each company. Typically, individuals must submit forms to their employers. They usually can get more information about their matching gift benefits from their human resources department.