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Advisory Council

Although the daily operation of the school is reserved to the President, Principal and the administrative staff, both parents and parishes need to be closely involved in the governance of the school. This work is done through the School Advisory Council as an advisory board to the pastors, the President, and the Principal. The purpose of the School Advisory Council is to discern how the school can most effectively carry out its mission through long-range planning; policy-making; program evaluation; marketing and public relations; and financial oversight. These responsibilities are accomplished by:   
  1. Developing a structure and policies which best serve the institutional needs of the school, as well as the individual needs of the staff, students, and their families;
  2. Articulating the vision for, and coordinating the planning for the future well-being of the school;
  3. Expressing broad goals which focus the activities of the school staff, and;
  4. Working with the President and the Principal to prepare the annual school budget for the approval of the pastors and diocesan officials.


All members of the Council must have the approval of at least one of three school pastors prior to having their name placed in nomination for membership.  A Council member (including the member’s spouse) must not be a paid employee of Holy Trinity Catholic School, the Diocese of Fort Worth, or of Good Shepherd, St. Francis, or St. Michael parishes.

The Council membership will contain no more than 50% parents of children currently attending the school.  All members present have equal opportunity for input in the process of making recommendations to the school president and principal.

Council members must be at least 18 years of age and be willing to give sufficient time and energies for the betterment of the school and Catholic education. 


The Council shall be comprised of the following:
  • As many as 3 at-large members nominated by a Nominating Committee of the Council and confirmed through consensus by the Council members
  • 1 appointed by pastor of Good Shepherd Catholic Church
  • 1 appointed by pastor of St. Francis Catholic Church
  • 1 appointed by pastor of St. Michael Catholic Church
  • 1 appointed by president of Holy Trinity Catholic School
  • 1 officer of the Home and School Association (typically the President)
  • The President of Holy Trinity Catholic School
  • The Principal of Holy Trinity Catholic School
  • An additional member may be appointed by the Administration or the Bishop

New members are installed in January.  The school Advisory Council meets monthly except for during July.  The December meeting is a joint meeting with the Finance Council which includes parish business managers to present the new school year budget.  The Council Agenda will be prepared and distributed to members one week in advance of the scheduled meeting. Meeting dates are posted on the monthly calendar and are open to all parish and school families with the exception of executive session.

Finance Council

The Finance Council is a sub-council of the Advisory Council and is chaired by the Advisory Council Treasurer.  The Finance Council includes at least one representative from each parish staff, usually the parish business manager, as well as other interested individuals with financial expertise. 

The Finance Council reviews the monthly financial statements and assists the school president and principal in the preparation of the annual budget, making tuition recommendations to the Advisory Council.

Advancement Committee

The Holy Trinity Catholic School Advancement Committee is an operating committee of the Advisory Council.  The purpose of the committee is to give input to the manner and effectiveness of advancement activities of the school, and make recommendations to the administration regarding advancement, development, enrollment management and special events.  The committee reviews and updates the strategic plan as it pertains to advancement.  

The membership of the committee includes, but is not limited to, the President of the school, at least one Advisory Council member, the Advancement Office Coordinator, the Admissions Coordinator, special events coordinators, an H.S.A. representative, a Parish Connections representative, the Alumni Liaison and other interested community members.  

The Advancement Committee meets at least once per quarter to report on activities, discuss advancement issues, and make recommendations to improve advancement effectiveness. Committee members are expected to participate in advancement activities of the school.

Advancement Activities

  • Enrollment Management
  • Alumni Relations
  • Fundraising Activities
  • Marketing/Public Relations
  • Parish Relations