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Person of Faith

The graduate is able to articulate the teachings of the Catholic faith, while continuing to put these teachings into practice.

Moral Decision Maker

The graduate considers the moral and ethical implications of decisions and chooses to do what is right according to the teachings of the Church.

Appreciative Person

The graduate will develop an appreciation for the beauty in the world and the wonder of his body through fine arts and physical activity.

Culturally Sensitive

The graduate exhibits global awareness and cultural sensitivity, and supports the Church’s teachings regarding social justice.

Academically/Technologically Proficient

The graduate is academically and technologically prepared for higher education.

Effective Communicator

The graduate dialogue objectively while refining persuasive skills through various modes of expression and seeks to clarify diverse points of view through active listening.

Creative Learner & Problem Solver

The graduate applies creative talents to solve problems and serve others.

Critical Thinker

The graduate uses reason in pursuit of Truth, recognizing that all Truth is rooted in the person of Christ.

Life-Long Learner

The graduate engages in the pursuit of knowledge as a life-long activity.

“Each Holy Trinity faculty member had a personal interest in my growth as a student and as a young Catholic ... I credit my award as a National Merit Finalist and my acceptance to Cal-Tech and Cal-Berkeley to Holy Trinity.” 


- Gabriella Chan, HTCS '12


"I started at this school before this building was even built, and so it is great to see the school grow up just as I have grown up with the school. The teachers, the administration, the parents, they have all worked together to make me the person I am today."


- Matt Peterson, HTCS '03