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Holy Trinity Catholic School, nurtures the gifts and talents of each student forming life-long learners, joyful servants, and influential leaders.


Holy Trinity Catholic School strives to be the first choice for our parish families, and those of other faith traditions, who desire to provide for their children a superior educational experience.  Holy Trinity produces life-long learners, faithful servants and influential leaders.   Motivated by the desire for continuous growth and improvement; inspired and strengthened by the Holy Spirit, the faculty and staff of Holy Trinity Catholic School model and teach reverence, respect and responsibility within a life of service and prayer.


Holy Trinity Catholic School is a community committed to the educational ministry of the Catholic Church, and we welcome all people who share in our belief that God calls us to become active participants in the life of the Church and civic community. We at Holy Trinity are committed to providing an appropriate educational setting for the children of all parish families who desire to attend, insofar as this is possible.

With our dedicated faculty and staff and strong leadership, who value the talents of individuals and the whole group and recognize the importance of the work they do, we work together to make sure that every one of our children is served. We serve them not only in the area of high academic standards and expectations, but in the those of creativity, fine arts, cultural experience, health of mind and body, physical fitness, technology, interests and talents, and social opportunities that develop the whole child.

We encourage and develop a strong cooperative relationship between home and school because it is an essential ingredient in effective education. It is our belief that when all partners in the process work together, children are assured the best possible educational experience. Together we commit ourselves to helping our students become life-long learners and active members of the Catholic faith.

It is our responsibility, in partnership with our sponsoring parishes, to teach our children respect, self-discipline, personal responsibility, social justice, service to others, and how to pray and grow daily in their faith. We recognize that it is through the Holy Spirit that we are strengthened in our mission, and that we are inspired and nurtured through personal and community prayer and regular liturgical celebrations to carry it out.


  • To provide a Christ-centered atmosphere for living gospel values in the Catholic tradition and to foster in all members of the community a personal relationship with God through religious education, prayer and liturgical celebrations, and serving others.
  • To challenge each student to strive to achieve his or her full intellectual potential by providing a quality academic program that includes a wide range of studies, offers a variety of opportunities for student success, and fosters a desire for life-long learning.
  • To develop moral decision making skills and appreciation of each person’s uniqueness through a strong religion and guidance program that includes faith formation, violence prevention, Christian sexuality, and individual and cultural differences.
  • To develop respect for self and others by exemplifying the values of responsibility, respect, self-discipline, social justice, strong friendships, loving families, and community service.
  • To develop positive attitudes toward physical fitness, health and safety through programs centered on exercise, fair play, good hygiene, healthy nutritional habits, and participation in individual and team games and sports.