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Tuition Assistance is available from the Diocese of Fort Worth through the Bishop’s Scholars Fund and from the school through the assistance of our parishes and the generosity of our donors.  Even if you were granted tuition assistance previously, you must reapply in order to be considered for the next school year.  Applications for tuition assistance are collected and processed through a third party assessor.  Please remember that your application must be submitted by March 1, and all supplemental documentation must be completed and submitted by April 12, to guarantee consideration.

Important points to remember:

  • Catholic students must be registered for the school year for which you are applying and entering Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Children entering the Pre-K program are generally not eligible due to potential tax deductions for daycare.    
  • You can be assured of confidentiality and anonymity using the services of our assessor.           
  • Our tuition assistance program provides an objective family financial analysis that determines, in a fair, impartial and consistent manner, the ability of a family to pay for private education.
  • By applying a formula to the applicant’s information that has been especially designed for families with children attending private and independent elementary and secondary schools, an analysis of need is determined.  This calculation is based on a moderate standard of living for the geographic area of the applicant.      
  • Our tuition assistance assessor does not share any non-public personal information or customer lists with any third party, except as agreed by the applicant.
  • The non-refundable fee for applying is $35, regardless of the number of children under consideration.  There will not be a refund of any fees in the event an applicant does not receive an award or if a registration is withdrawn.

Each family completes just one form for all students in the family even if they have children attending two different Catholic schools, i.e. Holy Trinity Catholic School and Nolan.

Any parent submitting an incomplete or unclear application will not have their applications processed until all required documents have been received.  As soon as the application is deemed ready for assessment, the assessor initiates a comprehensive review and verification process, ensuring the accuracy of the data.

Notification letters will be sent from the school to families in May in response to all applications received by the April 16 deadline.  Applications received after April 16 will be processed with notification sent out after.

If you have questions please contact FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment at 866-441-4637. To apply online: 

FACTS Grant & Aid Online Application »