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Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students are eligible to participate in school athletics once the following are met:


  1. A Sports Packet, including Catholic School Health Report (dated after June 1), must be completed and returned prior to the beginning of the sports season.
  2. A minimum of one parent must attend the Diocesan “Play Like a Champion” training yearly.  Dates and times TBD.
  3. Students must maintain a grade average of “76” or above in each subject and at least a “76” or above in Conduct to participate in sports. Periodic checks will be done by the principal resulting in probation, then ineligibility, when minimum requirements are not met.
  4. The administration reserves the right to suspend athletic eligibility due to behavior.
After meeting the eligibility requirements, 6th-8th grade students can participate in an array of sports through HTCS, including football.