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Community Service

Giving back to the Dallas-Fort Worth community and those in need is a value that is instilled in our Holy Trinity Catholic School students from an early age. All students participate in service projects throughout the school year to build a spirit of community, respect for others, and a responsibility to do what’s right.

Each year Holy Trinity partners with Catholic Charities of Fort Worth to offer a comprehensive service-learning initiative following the guidelines of Catholic Social Teaching. Middle school students take a leadership role in exploring the various populations served by Catholic Charities. After a day of immersion at Catholic Charities in Fort Worth, the students return to Holy Trinity to develop and implement a drive to support that particular population. Students make presentations to the younger students about the population being served, and what they have learned about their role in helping them.

In addition to this partnership, each grade level plans and implements a service project to aid in the work of a Dallas-Fort Worth community agency or parish. Together, we are building a better community through our school.