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Holy Trinity Catholic School offers extended care on school campus beginning at 6:45am and ending at 6:00pm.

The mission of the Before and After School Care Program is to provide quality childcare services before and after the regular school hours on school days. The program aims to provide a safe, enriching, recreational program where children are encouraged to pursue interests, friendships, independence, responsibility, and confidence as part of the total educational mission of Holy Trinity Catholic School.

In order to simplify the administration of the program, as well as ensure adequate staffing, before and after school care will be billed on a flat, per child/ per day rate. In choosing our program, we believe parents can be confident in knowing their child is in the same high quality environment they have chosen for their child’s education, while receiving childcare at a substantially discounted rate.


Any student enrolled in Holy Trinity is eligible for the Before and After School Care Program. There is no discrimination on the basis of sex, race, or religion. An enrollment form is needed for the daily care of your child and for emergency purposes.

Annual Registration Fee

To secure a place in the Before and After School Care Program, an annual fee is assessed for each student. The non-refundable fee is $50.00 per child.

Payment Methods

Payments must be made the week the expense is incurred. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed on all accounts two weeks past due. There is a $15.00 NSF fee for returned checks. All checks should be payable to HTCS- Before and After School Care.


A snack is given to each child after school. Students may bring their own snack, but no credit is given for this option.


No medication will be given to students by Before and After School Care Program personnel.

Health Problems

Parents must pick up their child for the following conditions: fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, rash of unknown origin, vomiting, and head lice.

Bad Weather

Before and After School Care Program will be closed when school is cancelled due to bad weather.


Annual Registration Fee - $50
Before School (6:45 - 7:45am) - $7 per child, per day
After School (6pm pick up - *$2 late fee for every minute past 6pm) - $16 per child, per day
Before and After School - $22 per child, per day
Half Day (Noon-6pm / only available by reservation) - $25 per child, per day
After School (4:30pm pick up) - $10 per child, per day