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Importance of Volunteers in the Life of HTCS

The benefits of total family involvement in our community are real. Parents (and grandparents, etc.) working on behalf of the school help to strengthen and increase our spiritual and scholastic environment. National studies also indicate that students perform at higher levels when parents are actively involved in their child’s school. Additionally, volunteer service hours contributed at HTCS help to provide an economic bridge between tasks necessary to operate our school and the ever increasing demands on our budget.


Each family is asked to provide a minimum of 25 volunteer service hours per year. Families are responsible for keeping a record of their volunteer service hours on RenWeb during the school year from April 30th to April 15th of the following year.

Get involved and track your service hours: 

  1. To log your hours, go to RenWeb/Family Information.
  2. Select the family member who completed the hours.  
  3. Click on the Service Hours tab.  
  4. Click Add Service Hours.  
  5. Enter the date, description, number of hours completed and any notes that are relevant.
  6. In April, each family is asked to contribute $15 per hour for each hour not completed.

This initiative is not a fundraiser, as the School encourages all parents to be involved in the life of HTCS.  All funds collected through this initiative will be dedicated to the Tuition Assistance Fund in the following school year.

What Qualifies?

All efforts directed toward assisting the school are acceptable, including hours served/volunteered, assignments completed at home, and even gifts made and/or donated to the school.  Service hours may be counted for volunteer hours in any of the many activities sponsored by Holy Trinity or our Home and School Association (H.S.A.).

The school will make every effort to assist single parents, working parents, and parents of infants who may require “take home” work for their volunteer service hours.  Contact the appropriate committees and chairpersons for more information on opportunities and working from home.

Gifts/Donations:  If you purchase and supply the school with any food or event supplies for a class party or school event you can document the donation as volunteer hours (all volunteer hours should be documented in RenWeb).  Every $15.00 spent equals one service hour. This does not apply to major Holy Trinity Fundraising efforts such as the spring auction, annual fund nor Teacher Bucks.

Other Notes

All individuals who are in direct contact with children will require a criminal background check as well as completion of the “Keeping Children Safe” training required by the Diocese. Training dates and locations are listed on the Diocese website, Also, please note that the required training hours can be counted as part of your 25 volunteer service hours.
There are usually some additional opportunities for service hours given by the individual teachers (i.e. take home work, field trips, reading buddies, etc.).  Your child’s teacher will ask for help with these opportunities.